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Eastcom President returned from the ‘Two Sessions’ with glory


On March 13th, Mr.Zhang Zexi, the president of Eastcom Group returned to Hangzhou from the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference which was held in Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

During the 11 days’annual session, Mr.Zhang Zexi submitted three proposals which are related to the people’s livelihood, the effective development of the companies and industries and China’s regional development etc. And he also declared his valuable opinion in different occasion of the sessions.
Next day, Mr.Zhang Zexi organized one meeting with the executive leaders of the two companies to convey the spirit of the ‘Two Sessions’at Eastcom City and he hoped that “the attendees of the meeting can convey the spirit of the ‘Two Sessions’to every position. With the striving of all employees at each position and the implementation of Two Sessions, we can make unremitting efforts to realize the harmonious development of the company and employees and the grand blueprint proposed in “Twelfth Five Year Plan”.

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