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Creating Eastcom with a hundred years of history together
 Fore more than five decades of development, Eastcom people from generation to generation have been shouldering important tasks and operating carefully so that Eastcom can achieve outstanding performance for strategic selection, technical research and development, market expansion, management improvement and other aspects, laying a solid foundation for the enterprise’s sustainable development.

 Along with the development of the enterprise, it has been the consensus and expectation of several generations of Eastcom people to “create Eastcom with a hundred years of history jointly”. The new generation of Eastcom people should be brave in assuming the important task of development, explore and innovate actively and bravely and make endeavor to achieve our common goals. We should insist on mind emancipation, independent innovation and the effective use of capital market, implement the strategic policy based on investment and holding and comprehensively enhance the Group's competitiveness and profitability. We should be down-to-earth, work steadily, establish a firm leading status in the industry and secure and support the evergreen enterprise of Eastcom with a hundred years of history by full mind status, high quality talents, first class management level and high quality products and services. We should also consciously take up the noble social responsibility, constantly enhance the social impact of Eastcom and develop Eastcom to be a healthy and vigorous state-owned enterprise with sustainable development.
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