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Scientific development, committed to value upgrading
 “Scientific development” is the premise and a kind of method; “value enhancing” is the attribution and the purpose. Eastcom group should practice scientific concept of development, seize the development opportunities and be committed to enhancing enterprise business value, customer value, employee value and social value.
 Eastcom’s operation, management, and cooperative behaviors should be carried out with the purpose to enhance the enterprise operation value, striving to maximize the benefits of enterprise and realizing the inflation-proofing and appreciation of state-owned assets. We should build the concept of “market-oriented and customer centered” and achieve the enterprise value return in the process helping customers for growing and enhancing customer values. We should build the concept of “people-oriented”, attract and nurture more excellent staff endeavoring and developing together with the enterprise with the same fate, continuously improve the value of employees and truly realize the realm of harmony of “unity between people and enterprise and mutual satisfaction”. Eastcom Group should also be brave in undertaking social responsibilities, actively participate in social welfare undertakings, radiate and promote local economic and cultural development, make due contributions to the social development and establish a good image of the state-owned enterprise.
Eastcom Group should stick to the road of scientific development, be constantly committed to value upgrading and reward employees, customers, shareholders and society by brilliant performance.
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