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Honest, pragmatic, innovationwin-win
Integrity is the base of an enterprise. Eastcom has been always insisted on the all-round integrity concept. For the internal of the company, it advocates honest operation, people-oriented and sincere services of the enterprise, managers and employees; for the external, it advocates honest cooperation and harmonious development with society, customers and partners. In light of this, it has laid solid foundation for creating Eastcom with a hundred years of history.
Pragmatism is the base for the development of Eastcom which relies on being truth-seeking and pragmatic. Seeking the truth shows attitudes of pursuing the truth and respect for the science of Eastcom people for handling affairs; pragmatism embodies the practical, steady, straightforward and diligent work style of Eastcom people.
 Innovation is the lifeblood of Eastcom. It vigorously promotes the spirit of innovation, actively creates atmosphere of respecting for labor, knowledge, talents and creation and continuously promotes innovation on system, mechanism, technology, products and others in the practice process so as to provide products and services with better quality for society.
Win-win is the key for the sustainable development of Eastcom. Along with the advance of globalization, competition and cooperation have become a higher level of win-win strategy. Though honest attitude, pragmatic style and innovative methods, Eastcom makes all efforts to reach the multi-win-win situation among the enterprise, employees, customers and shareholders so as to ensure the sustainable, stable and scientific development of the enterprise.
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