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Surpassing oneselfPursuing excellence

 Lao Tzu said that “the person wining another is forceful and the person wining himself is stronger”.

 “Surpassing oneself” is a kind of self-denial. The one dares to make self-denying has reached a high realm. One can sublimate itself in the course of continuous surpassing only if he can recognize himself, analyze himself and deny himself. Only if you consider yourself as the rival, compete with yourself and surpass yourself, you can make continuous improvement. As team work has become more and more important today, “self” is no longer confined to individuals and instead, we focus more on the self-transcendence of the team.

 “Pursuing excellence” is a measure initiatively taking the highest level as benchmarking. Initiative benchmarking embodies the state of mind of never-complacent. Eastcom people take “self transcendent” as inexhaustible motive force and take “pursuing excellence” as eternal objective and sacred mission, keeping a foothold for being stronger and excellent, remembering the rule of not advancing equal to going back and keeping leading place in the industry. Adhering to the spirit of continuous self transcendent, we should display the strength of Eastcom for continuous and healthy development by outstanding products, services and performance, so as to achieve the vision of creating Eastcom with a hundred years of history.

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